About the 1099-K Form

The 1099-K Form is a tax document that third-party payment platforms send to everyone who makes business transactions through these platforms to record their income for tax purposes.

Everyone who makes business transactions or receives payment via online platforms must report their income through the 1099-K Form once they cross the stipulated minimum threshold. Before the 2021 Rescue Plan, the minimum threshold was $20,000, and 200 transactions in a year.

1099-K Form

Changes Involving the 1099-K Form

Following the American Rescue Plan of 2021, the minimum threshold of reporting business transactions on third-party platforms was reduced significantly, from $20,000 to $600, with no minimum number of transactions.

According to the IRS, these changes will take effect in the 2023 reporting period.

This means that everyone, including freelancers and small business owners, who conduct business transactions using any third-party platform will receive the 1099-K Form once they receive up to $600 within a year.

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