Managing a business can be stressful—especially when tax season rolls around. Mistakes on your income taxes can result in a range of unwanted consequences, including audits, penalties, or missed deductions.
To ensure your taxes are filed accurately and on time, Abacus Tax & Books offers tax planning and preparation to help you maintain clear, concise, and orderly financial records.
Whether your small to medium business is an S or C Corporation, LLC, partnership, or a sole proprietorship, we can assist with your income tax returns. We will work with you to minimize your tax liabilities and discuss strategies for long-term success.

Freelancers and Self-Employed Persons

If you are self-employed or a freelancer, tax planning and preparation can be a challenge.
There are no automatic deductions from your paycheck, which means you need to record and track all income and expenses and set aside the appropriate funds for your tax payments.
Filing self-employment income taxes can be very different from filing personal taxes. Working with an accounting professional will help ensure an optimized tax return with maximum allowable deductions for a reduced tax burden.