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Tax Preparation for Individual Taxes

Filing your personal taxes should never involve any guesswork. Even simple mistakes can end up being costly and result in numerous unexpected headaches and hassles. Hiring a professional accountant to assist you with your tax planning and preparation ensures that you are filing accurately, optimally, and on time. Abacus Tax & Books provides tax services for individuals, as well as small to medium businesses. Our team will work with each client to review their financial records and determine the most suitable strategy for maximizing their tax returns or minimizing their tax burden. We can help you identify possible deductions you may have missed, errors or discrepancies in your accounting, or other issues that may affect your tax return in order to deliver you the best results.

Freelancers and Self-Employed Persons

As someone who is self-employed or a freelancer, you enjoy a great deal of flexibility and freedom with your work. However, this comes with the additional stress of having more responsibilities on your shoulders. Tax planning and preparation can be a challenge for many individuals who are self-employed. There are no automatic deductions from your paycheck, which means you will need to record and track all income and expenses, and set aside the appropriate funds for your tax payments. Filing self-employment income taxes can be very different from filing personal taxes. Working with an accounting professional will help you ensure an optimized tax return with maximum allowable deductions for a reduced tax burden.

Individual Taxes

Each individual has a unique set of circumstances which may need to be taken into consideration when filing personal income taxes. Our firm will work with you to better understand your situation in order to determine the best strategy for minimizing your tax obligations and maximizing your return. No matter how complex your situation, our experienced accountants have the tax expertise and years of experience to help you navigate your taxes without stress or hassle. Simply provide us with the appropriate documents, and our team will handle the rest.

Fast and Accurate

Filing an optimized tax return requires a great deal of knowledge regarding tax laws, as well as attention to detail to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. When filing taxes on your own or using a free software, it can be easy to make mistakes with your numbers or miss out on deductions you may be eligible for. Our tax preparation services will help you make sure your personal tax return is filed correctly and on time. By working with our experienced accountants, you can avoid the stress and frustration that comes with filing your annual tax return, as well as avoid problems that can result in trouble with the IRS.

Best Accountant Near Me

There are many advantages to hiring a qualified accounting professional to assist with your personal or business tax preparations. The last thing you want is to get caught up in an IRS audit due to an unintentional error on your tax return. Abacus Tax & Books offers a range of bookkeeping and tax services to help you better manage your financial records and optimize your tax returns. We have worked with numerous clients throughout Fort Mill, SC with situations varying from simple and straightforward to highly complex, and we are confident our team of experienced accountants will be able to assist you.

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