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Managing a business can involve a range of tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks. These tasks can take away from the main focus of operating your business and working towards your goals. At Abacus Tax & Books, we provide accounting, bookkeeping, and tax solutions for small to medium business owners throughout Fort Mill, SC and surrounding areas. We have a team of experienced accounting professionals working to deliver you fast, reliable, and affordable services that will make managing your business easier.

About Us

Abacus Tax & Books is a trusted and reputable accounting firm based in Fort Mill, SC providing solutions for small business owners, freelancers, and self-employed individuals who are looking for support with their bookkeeping, accounting, and annual income tax preparations. Our experienced team provides the expertise needed to ensure the smooth financial management of any small to medium local business. We work with our clients to find a strategy that will align with their specific needs, budget, and goals. Our exceptional client care, quality services, and tailored solutions have made us the premiere choice for small businesses across a variety of sectors and industries.

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Our Services

Organizing financial records, tracking transactions, reconciliating accounts, and filing taxes are all essential to the operation of a successful business. However, as a business starts to grow and expand, managing the accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes for your business can become increasingly complicated. Outsourcing these tasks to a reputable professional can help you scale your business more easily, as well as avoid the headache and hassle errors and audits. Our accounting firm has a team of highly qualified accounting professionals who are ready to assist with a wide range of needs, including tax preparation, bookkeeping, QuickBooks support, and more.

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Tax Preparation for Small to Medium Businesses

Filing taxes for your business can be stressful. Calculation errors, missing receipts, or erroneous deductions can lead to trouble with the IRS. Our tax professionals will work with you to ensure the thoroughness, accuracy, and timeliness of your annual tax returns. We can help you identify opportunities for deductions, spot mistakes in your records, and help you navigate the many state and federal tax laws to ensure you are in compliance. Additionally, we offer tax planning services to help you reduce your tax liability without impacting the growth and prosperity of your business.

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Tax Preparation for Individual Taxes

It is important to keep your personal and business finances separate. Our tax professionals can assist with filing your individual tax return to optimize your returns and avoid issues with the IRS. We will take the time to understand your unique situation in order to help you take advantage of the appropriate deductions to minimize your tax burden and maximize your returns.

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Recording, organizing, and storing the details of your financial transactions can be important for a number of reasons, including tax purposes, cash flow management, resolving discrepancies, and analyzing the financial health of your business. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a professional service can help to ensure that your books stay updated, accurate, and organized. Save yourself time and avoid hassles by entrusting your accounting and bookkeeping needs to our highly qualified team.

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Tax Consulting and Advice

Tax planning can help to maximize your deductions and reduce your tax liability. However, it is important to understand what is allowable according to your state and federal tax laws in order to avoid a potential audit from the IRS. Our accounting professionals provide tax consulting services and advice to help you navigate tax laws and ensure compliance when planning out your tax strategy and preparing your tax returns.

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Quickbooks Support

QuickBooks can be a useful tool for bookkeeping, accounting, and a wide range of other business purposes. However, learning the basics of the software is much easier than mastering its full capabilities. Our QuickBooks support service can help you improve the efficiency of your functions and the organization and usability of your files in order to operate your business, analyze your data, and make decisions more smoothly.

“My small hobby business suddenly started to take off, and I was having a hard time keeping track of all my business transactions and expenses. I knew I would need to outsource my bookkeeping in order to avoid falling behind. Abacus Tax & Books offered an affordable solution that perfectly met my needs.” - Taylor P.

“I received a letter from the IRS regarding my tax return from 2 years ago. I wasn’t sure what the issue was, and I was worried that I would owe additional money, which could cause my family significant financial hardship during an already difficult time. Abacus Tax & Books helped me get together the proper forms and paperwork I needed, and offered me guidance and advice about the audit process to make sure I was prepared. They helped me resolve the problem quickly with minimal stress.” - Kenneth F.

“Abacus Tax & Books has helped me prepare the annual tax return for my small café business for the past several years. They are always courteous, professional, and punctual. They respond to my questions and concerns in a timely manner, and communicate frequently with me to clarify issues and request receipts to make sure there is no missing or incorrect information.” - Jasmine K.

Call Us Today

If you are looking for assistance with your accounting and bookkeeping functions, reach out to our team today. We offer solutions that are tailored to fit the needs of each business owner and their business. We can help you save time, energy, and money by providing you with a comprehensive range of services that will help you optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounting system, and minimize your tax liability. For more information, contact us to speak with one of our accountants. You can get in touch with us by telephone at your convenience, or submit an inquiry through our quick contact form provided on our website.